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How to Build a Marketing Technology Stack
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Since 2011 until now, the number of vendors offering marketing tools and technologies has risen by 2567 percent. Before 2011, many marketing departments never received any kind of technology to work with. In fact, marketing was the last area in the business landscape to benefit from technology. Today, however, marketers can choose from well over 4000 vendors.

For marketing departments to be successful, marketing leaders and managers must innovate their processes. To do this, more time must be spent identifying the best tools to use to reach company goals rather than integrating every new tool that comes through town.

The question is not whether to incorporate a certain technology, but which technology or tool to integrate?

To help ensure effective utilization of time and resources as a marketing team, consider developing a complete marketing technology stack. A good marketing technology stack includes the following:

#1 Marketing automation

Successful email marketing, demand generation, and lead management processes hinge on a strategy closely aligned to buyer needs and expectations.

#2 Cross-channel marketing

Cross-channel marketing technology is a pillar of the overall B2C ecosystem because it represents the execution engine of your marketing strategy.

#3 Content marketing

Content marketing has taken over the world of marketing perhaps like no other type of marketing has before.

#4 Data management

The trick is to use the right data. And to do data right you need a data management platform.

#5 Social media marketing

Having a tool to help you listen to specific phrases or conversations is essential for attaining real-time marketing and engagement.

#6 Testing and optimization

Testing and Optimization helps companies learn about their audience and then directly and accurately give each segment the experience it needs to convert.

Developing a marketing technology stack that effectively gets the message across for your business will allow you more time and flexibility to focus on the things that matter most: building customer loyalty, boosting brand awareness, and increasing profits.

If you want to expand your marketing technology stack, click the link below for more information.