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Article is about b2b demand generation
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Understanding the changing landscape of marketers and content

The past year has created a wave of changes in how content is consumed and how it has impacted the demand generation process. These changes resulted in both challenges and opportunities.

Many businesses stand at a unique stage where they have the option of rethinking their strategy and streamline their processes. This is especially true in how content marketing is approached. Rather than just creating informative content, a good strategy is one where the intent of target readers is taken into consideration.

Along with that, it is also key to expand audiences through B2B marketing. Rather than solely focusing on directors, it is now crucial to consider mid-level managers as critical decision-makers for their company. Bython Media’s 2021 State of B2B Demand Generation & Content Trends report discovered that out of a sample data set of over 200,000 contacts, 38% of managers consumed content from July to December 2020.

Research shows a growing interest in the following topics: business, technology, operations, HR, marketing, consumer technology, and finance. Some major high-volume themes include cloud technology and artificial intelligence and interest in these will only continue to grow as companies make progress into a new normal of digital transformation.

Demand generation specialists and content marketers must consider these new trends as a new marketing landscape continues to evolve. Content consumption is now not just limited to potential clients but also managers and directors from various industries.

Download the 2021 State of B2B Demand Generation & Content Trends report to discover other trends and benchmarks for demand generation.