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How to Align Customer Experience with Marketing Channel Operations
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Are you facing higher churn, diminished reputation, or reduced willingness from others to recommend your brand? This could be due to issues with your brand’s customer experience and can turn into a drag on marketing investments and results.

Customers expect to see a unified brand experience when interacting with your company. However, silos and goal competition can hinder many brands’ ability to improve CX functions.

To ensure your company offers a great experience to customers, it is important to create a deep relationship with marketing channel leaders. This connection will help both the customer experience and the marketing channel operations. By developing insights and integrating marketing operations into each step of the customer experience design process, marketers enhance both functionalities at the same time.

Aligning marketing and customer experience is no easy task, but here are four steps to take to achieve the desired outcome:

1) Collaborate with marketing executives:

Obtain statistical data from marketing teams that pertains to the various marketing channel operations. Through this data, gather insights and align specific metrics to each step in the journey.

2) Reach across the organization:

Collaborating solely with marketing executives is not enough. You must also integrate the customer’s journey with the different functions of the company to ensure a wholesome experience.

3) Define the journey that matters most:

Using data in hand, identify the key milestones along the customer’s journey and then work towards them.

4) Don’t stop until you make the final conversion:

Converting a visitor into a buyer and then into a loyal customer is the main objective of providing a great customer experience. However, if customers don’t become promoters, the process is not working as completely as it could be.

Strengthening the connection between marketing channel teams and solid CX practices benefit both functions. By gathering and analyzing critical insights, marketers and CX professionals and better influence the success of both.

If you want to know more about how to align the customer experience process with marketing channel operations, click the link below for more information.