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What Is Advertising Accountability and Why Is It Important?

What Is Advertising Accountability and Why Is It Important

Accountability is a fairly easy-to-understand concept. Most of us have had some element of the idea incorporated into our lives since we were young children. Can you be responsible for doing what you say you will do and ensure it gets done?

Simple enough. However, when we look at accountability from the perspective of marketing, the lines become blurred as data and money quickly become part of the puzzle. Posting a message to social media is simple and takes just seconds to complete.

However, the bigger question is: What is the result of that simple action? Are you aiming to just do marketing activities or do you aim for results from your efforts?

This is the number one focus of most executive teams in any company. While marketers can do a lot by conducting many activities, accountability by boosting revenue has not always been on the list. In a world that is increasingly being driven by data, accountability should be front and center.

So, how can you ensure accountability in advertising? The answer lies in having a Data Management Platform (or DMP) and a data-driven marketing plan.

Enabling accountability through these two functions is twofold:

#1 The more you know about your customers and prospects, the more accurately you can target and market to them.

#2 Using data to support revenue generation can reduce waste and improve ROI.

Company-customer relationships thrive when communication is done in the context of individual needs being met on the basis of when, where, and what customers want.

If you are eager to learn how advertising and marketing accountability can boost your business functioning, click the link below for more information.

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