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A Million Digital Connections Lie Behind Every Great Ad Campaign

Advertisements can be presented in many different ways, including through traditional media such as billboards, flyers, magazines, newspapers, television, radio, mail, cinema, product placement, point-of-sale, novelties, aerial advertising, celebrity endorsements, and outdoor advertising; new media such as search engine results, websites, blogs, banner ads, email spam, domain names and social media; as well as niche marketing, crowd-sourcing, and foreign public messaging.

Something essential to good advertising is developing and maintaining an emotional connection with your customers or potential customers. A firm that taps into customers’ motivations and fulfills their emotional needs will have dedicated, valuable customers.

This whitepaper explains the importance of developing an emotional connection with customers, then points out the problem many organizations have building and maintaining these connections. Companies looking to build and maintain that connection with customers on a deep emotional level should download this white paper.

This whitepaper offers a solution to the problem of failing to emotionally connect with customers by urging these organizations to bring together all the data that they have on their audience and merge media-buying platforms so as to provide customers with a consistent user experience across all channels. Additionally, it offers steps to consolidate ad inventory into one demand-side platform, or DSP, to extend the reach of audiences and simplify the media buying process, ensuring access to the right inventory and making sure that the demand side platform has filters to build trust with customers and protect your brand. Having all ad data in one system makes for easy access to reporting on how channels are performing, and finally, makes ads that customers will always remember.