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8 Pitfalls to Avoid in Email Marketing
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Email marketing is one of the most effective methods that you can use in your online strategy. Thanks to modern email service providers such as Constant Contact and MailChimp, it is simpler and easier to design an email campaign and send it out to hundreds or thousands of subscribers.

But what happens when your email ends up in the recipient’s junk or small folder? Or how can you avoid your email not being read at all and instead immediately deleted?

Here are 3 pitfalls to avoid when it comes to running effective email marketing campaigns:

#1 Unclear subject lines — Your subject line should be clear and concise and convey your message effectively in as few words as possible.

#2 Poor email list hygiene — Keep your sender reputation clear by aiming for a high email open rate, unique clicks, and positive engagements.

#3 Failure to measure email inboxing — According to Return Path, only 79% of commercial emails hit the primary inbox. This means a good number of emails land in junk or spam and never even get looked at. Using email inboxing tools can help to measure email inboxing and optimize your list.