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8 Marketing Strategies for Recruiters
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Lina is a recruiter at a gaming company. She wants to be a better recruiter, but to do that she knows she must become a better marketer. Selling an employer brand to a potential candidate isn’t easy, but she isn’t sure if marketing one is all that easy either.

Lina needs a starting point, a launching pad, to get herself to begin thinking like a marketer when it comes to recruitment. How does she do that?

These 8 strategies should help:

  1. Build Your Employer Brand
    Understanding what is lacking in your employer brand is the first step to increase the number of potential candidates.
  2. Start Targeting Your Audience
    Concentrating your efforts on effective ways to target your positions will give you a much higher success rate when bringing candidates to the hiring manager.
  3. Broaden Your Social Presence
    Add daily practices to your workflow to improve the social media presence of your employer brand.
  4. Boost Your Content
    Use blogs, e-books, videos, and articles directed to jobseekers with helpful tips on searching and landing jobs to compete with companies that have a large employer brand identity.
  5. Become a Search Marketer
    Understand what candidates are looking for in your job titles and descriptions and conduct research to know what is working and what isn’t.
  6. Nurture Passive Candidates into Active Ones
    Try utilizing your database, hold career events, streamline and automate communication or even start a referral program.
  7. Improve Your Candidate Experience
    Make sure your application process isn’t long and overbearing. Also, try making your application process mobile friendly.
  8. Convert Engaged Candidates into Motivated New Hires
    Your candidate and onboarding experience reflects the efficiency of your company and should create a seamless transition for your new hire.With these new strategies in hand, Lina is ready to improve her recruitment efforts.

If you are a recruiter and want to know more about how to think like a marketer, click the link below for more information.