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8 Digital Best Practices for Sales Professionals
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Hi! My name is Anthony.

As a sales professional, I understand that there are always new digital best practices to follow and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest and greatest practices. Let’s go over a few digital best practices to follow for sales professionals.

1. Look for Paperless Opportunities

A good place to start to look for paperless opportunities is to review customer touch-points to determine which tasks would most benefit from digital transactions.

2. Identify Revenue Friction Points

Removing paperwork from day-to-day tasks allows sales professionals to focus more on customer-facing sales and strategic relationship-building. By talking with your sales team, you can quickly identify the most time-consuming tasks that can be improved through digital processes.

3. Increase Visibility into Your Sales Funnel

Good sales forecasting is making sure your pipeline process addresses all key milestones. By adopting electronic signature technology, you can gain clearer visibility into the status of deals nearing completion, letting you see who has— and has not—signed critical paperwork at each step of the process.

4. Use Technology to Improve Team Retention

Better tools enhance your team’s customer service capabilities and by adopting digital technologies to help improve rep onboarding, you provide clearer insights into rep performance.

5. Embrace Mobile Technology and Workflows

With the travel-intensive nature of sales, enabling your team to complete agreements from any mobile device, anywhere in the world, not only helps to ensure that salespeople can stay on top of all opportunities as they arise but can also help your team outperform the competition.

6. Understand Standards and Regulations

Sales teams and customers today are located around the world which creates challenges in managing document execution given strict national and international security laws and standards. This makes it very important to be certain that your signature processes are legally binding and comply with geographic standards and regulations.

7. Collaborate with IT and Legal Departments

Discussing sales document workflows with your legal and IT teams is an excellent way to assess software solution compatibility and to guarantee secure transmission of confidential documents.

8. Learn from Best Practices

As you look to achieve digital efficiencies in your sales processes, look for ways to mimic consumer services best practices to be able to offer clients a better experience.

Best digital practices for sales professionals are constantly changing and it’s important to stay up to date with these changes to be able to offer clients the best experience possible.

If you want to learn more about the best digital practices for sales professionals, click the link below for more information.