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6 Tactics for Personalization
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Sherry works for a marketing consulting agency. Her coworker Ron is new to the industry and asked her to share what she knows about personalization.

To help Ron succeed in his role, Sherry shares six tactics to create more personalized marketing decisions that helps to ensure happy and loyal customers.

#1 Give first-time visitors a special welcome.

First impressions last a lifetime and new visitors represent a special opportunity to express something about your brand and values.

#2 Treat existing customers like existing customers.

Tailoring experiences to individual customers helps to keep them happy which provides you with plenty of up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

#3 Connect and retarget inbound experiences.

Most customers already have the intent to purchase. By regularly engaging with customers, the leads which drive sales to funnel efforts.

#4 Leverage geolocation.

With a geolocation service, you will gather information about the different areas where your customers reside and determine what products or services you have that will fit them best.

#5 Connect personalization to conversions.

Leads are worth their weight in gold and should be treated as such. By using data to tailor content to high-value customers, you will be able to easily produce more conversions and create loyal customers.

#6 Take mobile context into account.

Customers are constantly on the go and are always using their mobile devices. Use this knowledge to deliver relevant experiences based on mobile context.

Now that Ron knows what the top six tactics are for personalization, he is ready to successfully communicate with the new customers that will come his way.

If you want to learn more about the ten tactics for personalization, click the link below for more information.