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6 Strategies for Advancing Customer Knowledge with Big Data Analytics
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David is a marketing manager for a CRM company and wants to learn more about his customers, so he can improve the way he markets to them.

David has decided to team up with Bruce, a member of his company’s IT department, to learn better strategies for using big data analytics to achieve his goal.

Bruce is very knowledgeable when it comes to big data analytics and tells David about the six strategies he can utilize to advance knowledge of his customers.

Bruce shows David these 6 strategies for improvement:

  1. By bringing data together, David will gain a more complete view of his customers. Without bringing all data together for a more holistic view, David will only see fragments of data, limiting his knowledge.
  1. If David utilizes technologies such as customer databases, in-memory databases, cloud computing, in-database computing, and machine learning, it will enable faster, more agile user interaction with big data.
  1. David can use big data to learn more about the customer journey, allowing him to reach his customers more effectively and accurately.
  1. By ensuring that big data analytics is tightly integrated with his e-commerce and marketing campaign engines, David will be able to apply customer knowledge to personalize marketing and interaction.
  1. Big data analytics can improve his customer’s experiences across all channels. This will help David retain current customers which is much more cost-effective when compared to gaining new ones.
  1. If their departments work together, they can facilitate collaboration on governance over customer data to ensure security and privacy.

Now that David knows how big data analytics can improve his knowledge of his customers, he and Bruce begin to work together to ensure that customers are targeted more effectively and that their personal data is secured.

If you want to learn more about how big data analytics can help advance your knowledge of your customer base, click the link below for more information.