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6 Steps to Commerce Transformation
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Hi! My name is Richard.

As a marketing professional, I understand that many organizations are looking to achieve a rapid, agile commerce transformation to improve their customer acquisition efforts. Let’s take a look at how your business can achieve this transformation as smooth as possible.

Step 1) Develop a Strategic Direction

This strategy should tell your customers why you are going to go omnichannel, how their experience will improve, and select a commerce channel based on the priorities of your organization.

Step 2) Choose a Platform

It’s important to select a platform vendor with the most flexibility and proven results in your industry that can also scale as your business grows and is future-proof.

Step 3) Build the Implementation Team

It’s essential to build combined teams with business and IT members and empower them with roles and authority to make changes to requirements in an agile DevOps process.

Step 4) Map your Internal Business Processes

To ensure all cross-platform customer touchpoints and experiences are as consistent as possible and can grow your business, it’s important to compare and contrast your new commerce system with existing business platforms to determine the level of interoperability and integration.

Step 5) Develop an Implementation Plan

Since your initial implementation should focus on mission-critical modules and features that are required to launch the new channel, it’s essential to avoid customizations unless absolutely necessary.

Step 6) Establish Clear and Shared Success Metrics

It’s important to build customer feedback into your process and let your customers know that you are evolving with them. This will guide your best investments and help you cater to the needs of your customers.

As more and more companies undergo a commerce transformation to better meet the needs of their customers, it’s important that these companies understand that a proper step-by-step process is essential to their success. If your company is looking to undergo a commerce transformation, these six steps are important to achieve a rapid, agile transformation.

If you want to learn more about the six steps to commerce transformation, click the link below for more information.