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5 Steps to Creating WOW Experiences for Your Customers
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What happens when comprehensive data is combined with exceptional design?

A WOW element in customer experience is created.

Today, the expectations and demands of customers are changing constantly. While these changes put tremendous pressure on marketers, it also offers an amazing opportunity to deliver exceptional experiences to customers.

Delivering great experiences is not just about marketing; it is also about addressing customer concerns and answering questions in a way that wins them over and turns them into repeat and loyal customers as well as brand advocates.

The objective then is to ensure that the perception customers hold about a brand is not diluted. Cool experiences that don’t anticipate the customer’s needs are useless. Thinking one step ahead of your customer requires marketers to think more broadly about how personalization gets done.

With that in mind, let’s look at 5 important steps to deliver the WOW experiences your customers expect:

#1…Map the customer journey.

Collect data on customers both internally and externally to see how they arrive at and interact with different touchpoints. Identify pain points and obtain the qualitative date to map out the journey.

#2…Create an emotional experience.

Based on the map you have created of the customer journey, design an experience that fits your customers. Prioritize your goals and interactions to create the greatest emotional impact.

#3…Scale for personalization, testing, and optimization.

Use automation technology to provide personalized images, content, and videos to your customers. Then test and ensure their preferences are included for an optimized WOW experience.

#4…Deliver to customers and monitor their reactions.

Take extra steps to monitor how customers respond to the experience design you have created in real-time. Analytics, comments, and feedback can help you see whether you got it right.

#5…Learn how you can make the experience even better.

Almost everything can be continuously improved. The data you gather can serve as amazing input for your focus groups, support team, and customer service and sales departments.

Given the multitude of channels and devices that customers have at their disposal, designing a personalized and seamless experience across the customer’s journey can be daunting. To know customers on a personal level, it is important to lay a solid foundation for designing and optimizing winning personalized customer experience.

To learn more about delivering exceptional customer experiences, click the link below for more information.