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5 Steps to Building a Sustainable Marketing Automation Process
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Let us get one thing straight – customers today often conduct their own research and are well-informed about the products and services they want. Marketers must engage with them constantly to deliver a value-based experience. This can be done by leveraging data to automatically drive meaningful conversations.
Making use of marketing automation results in an optimized marketing function performance that delivers a personalized and customized experience to customers. Marketing automation technology empowers marketers to improve their knowledge of buyer behavior and understand how it plays out in campaigns.

Here are five important elements in building a sustainable marketing automation process.

#1 Have the right target segment. This determines who the messages will be communicated to. Based on the target audience, the message content will vary.

#2 Constantly determine various means and ways to engage with customers.

#3 Use tools to determine real time scenarios of buyer’s actions when they make a purchase or show an interest in a specific brand.

#4 Marketing campaigns should be completely data driven so that analytics can be run on them. This will help ensure meaningful decisions are made regarding strategy changes and process implementation.

#5 Marketing teams need to know what technology is to be used. This can be done if objectives are clearly defined.

If you want to know more about sustainable marketing automation, click the link below for additional information.