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The 5 Key Ingredients You Need to Create an Innovative Marketing Stack
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As business technology has advanced, the departments of finance, sales, manufacturing, distribution, and HR have all benefited from technologies that helped streamline how they operated and provided them with analytic insights.

Marketing departments, however, were the last to benefit from strategic technology platforms.

But thanks to innovations throughout the martech landscape, today’s marketers now have tools to help them better engage with customers and measure results.

It is important for every marketer to have a well-prepared marketing stack or set of marketing tools, that can take them from being integrators to innovators.
Here are five key ingredients you need to create an innovative marketing stack:

#1. Connected Data

It isn’t important to just obtain large chunks of data but to obtain the right kind of data. The data that you use should help you achieve a more comprehensive view of your audiences and leads.

#2. Cross-Channel Audience Profiles

Once the right data is identified, collected and compiled, that data needs to be connected to a data management platform (DMP) to build an organized and well-defined audience profile. This is also known as a buyer persona.

#3. Orchestration

Your marketing tools and technology must enable you to orchestrate experiences across multiple channels, not just coordinate your marketing calendar. The orchestration here refers to the symphony of the various marketing efforts across multiple channels.

#4. Optimization and Testing

If marketers want to sustain a rich customer experience and generate a great ROI on their marketing efforts, they must optimize and test their marketing strategies on a small sample similar to the target audience. This is known as test marketing.

#5. Open Platform

An open platform means you can quickly find additional tools you need and add them to your stack. Therefore, you must ensure that your platform meaningfully and conveniently manages the various tools and channels.