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5 Elements of a Winning Digital CX Strategy
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Rumor has it that by 2020, customers will manage an approximate 85 percent of brand interactions without speaking to a single human being.

What’s more? Feedback surveys are being embedded into digital touchpoints of target audiences so customer experience agents can tell a more complete story based on real-time experiences.

Leading companies now do much more than harness data, they rely on integrated streams of data, text analytics, and customized dashboard to reach customers at their greatest point of need and build deeper relationships based on mutual understanding.

Nothing is more important today than ensuring delivery of exceptional experiences to customers.

However, one big question remains: How do we actually go about delivering a winning customer experience? How can this be incorporated into our company’s overall customer success strategy?

To help answer that question, here are 5 important elements of this process:

#1…Enrich behavioral data with customer feedback.

Leverage feedback from customers to create meaningful data that will help track customer behavior and target them through the sales funnel.

#2…Integrate data across channels for s single view of the customer.

Once the data is ready, marketers must integrate this data across all channels to gain a more complete view of the customer or target audience.

#3…Enable personalized customer experiences.

Ensuring that personalized experiences are delivered to customers helps to meet ever-changing expectations and keep them engaged.

#4…Empower employees to take action.

Give employees the tools, data, and analysis they need to take action. If employees are left hanging, customers will be as well.

#5…Power innovation through advanced analytics.

To help make meaningful decisions, it is critical that powerful advanced analytical tools are identified and used.

Consumers today expect more personalized and frictionless experiences. And not just on their desktop, but on their laptop, smartphone, tablet, and smartwatch. This means companies must develop strategies that understand the customer deeply and adapt quickly to meet their needs.

If you want to know more about developing a digital CX strategy that opens a two-way dialogue between your brand and your customers, click the link below for more information.