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5 Digital Trends to Anticipate in 2018
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Amy is the owner of a small business with 300 employees and 3 locations.

She wants to stay ahead of the curve and ensure her business is successful in the future. So, she decides to research any digital trends she should be aware of. Amy finds 5 major areas to focus her marketing efforts.

1) Ensure the right kind of leadership and culture is in place.

Amy knows that great customer experiences don’t happen by accident and that it takes a coordinated approach across the entire company. Amy must ensure that she is putting her customers at the heart of all her decisions.

2) Prioritize design and creativity.

With the growing prevalence of technology and data, a more scientific approach has been brought to digital marketing efforts. Even with this scientific approach, it’s equally important to execute excellent design and creativity to ensure success.

3) Know your customers, then delight them with the right content at the right time.

For Amy to properly delight her customers, she must understand who they are based on quantitative and qualitative data. When it comes to marketing, Amy must think about the different stages of the customer journey and test communication types at different touchpoints.

4) Budget for success.

Amy learns that companies who increase their investment in digital marketing are more likely to exceed their business goals. If Amy wants to ensure her business stays relevant, she must invest more in digital marketing efforts.

5) Invest in integrated technologies.

Integrated customer experience and marketing technologies are essential for Amy’s company to provide a consistent cross-channel experience to her customers.

Now that Amy knows the different digital trends to look for and implement to ensure future business success, she is ready to get to work and see what the future holds.

If you want to learn more about digital trends you should be anticipating in 2018, click the link below for more information.