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5 Common Myths About Marketing Automation
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Marketing automation has become a buzz word in today’s marketing industry. There is a bundle of tools available that empower modern-day marketers to communicate effectively to a target audience about their brand.
Almost every company, across multiple sectors, understands the necessity of using marketing automation to stay ahead of the competition.

But just as there are people who advocate the use of marketing automation by talking about its benefits, there are also a few myths going around which have stopped some organizations from implementing marketing automation.

Here are five common myths about marketing automation that prevents enterprises from embracing this wonderful concept

#1 It is very difficult to deploy and use marketing automation across the entire organization. The reality is that the technology behind marketing automation is very easy to adapt and equally as easy to use.

#2 Another myth is the fact that marketing automation is overwhelmingly attractive and too many choices are distracting people. To avoid this, marketers must assess how well a tool supports the overall goal and then embrace that approach.

#3 Automation around marketing is devised only for outbound marketing activities. In truth, marketing automation can support the entire range of engagement scenarios.

#4 Through marketing automation, a marketer can dictate the buying behavior and pattern of a customer. In reality, marketing automation makes it possible to respond to buyer’s inquiries with relevant messages.

#5 For effective utilization of marketing automation, companies need a huge content marketing team. In truth, when it comes to marketing automation, the point is less about the number of people on the team and more about the approach.

These myths are roadblocks for enterprises that only hamper the vision of marketing teams and deviate from the original objectives.

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