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4 Ways to Turn Desktop Smarts Into a Successful Mobile Campaign
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While you may have never run a mobile campaign for your business before, it doesn’t mean you can’t learn how. Mobile ad campaigns are very similar to desktop ad campaigns in setup and functionality. Your desktop campaign setup can easily translate into a mobile campaign setup.
While it is true that more bookings for things like travel and hotels are done from a desktop computer, optimization of a mobile platform can still be very beneficial. With more and more people switching to mobile devices, it gets critically important to learn how to run a successful mobile campaign.

Optimization of your local channel can inspire customer loyalty to your brand and create a great experience that will keep customers engaged. Here are a few tips to get you started on the path to mobile testing success:

1. Understand the Differences between the Objectives of Desktop and Mobile Users.

Since many websites are designed with the desktop version in mind, the CX/UX functioning must shift when it comes to a smaller screen. Therefore, marketers must understand key differences between the two and ensure the mobile version guides visitors through the funnel to relevant information.

2. Use Channel-Specific User Objectives to Scope Your Campaign.

A mobile campaign should include a call-to-action that is engaging, clearly indicates what information will be provided, and allows users to navigate between pages effortlessly.

3. Analyze Your Data, Keeping Mobile Users in Mind.

Analysis and corrective action are vital. You must actively analyze the objectives of mobile users and test elements and drop-off points that could possibly deter guests.

4. Combine Mobile and Desktop Test Results to Gain a Better Understanding of All Visitors.

Run similar but separate campaigns for mobile and desktop users. Obtain the results and compare what you find to see if there is a difference among visitors.

When you apply this knowledge of mobile campaign optimization and what you already know about desktop campaigns to your mobile channels, you will be better prepared for increased mobile traffic.

To find out more about how to create a successful mobile campaign, click the link below for more information.