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Hello! My name is Josh.

Many organizations struggle to use data intelligently. It is impossible to act on it cohesively because it’s stuck in technological or departmental silos, making the need for a more robust customer data platform (CDP) more important than ever.

The problem is that many organizations with CDP fail to deliver on creating the optimal customer experience.

What is preventing this?

Why is the creation of smarter interactions and data activation causing a stagnant and ineffective CDP?

Here are four steps you can take to supercharge personalization and use the CDP to deliver 1 to 1 omnichannel customer interactions that stand out.

While most large-scale businesses have a CDP in place, half of them have fragmented, siloed systems that don’t communicate well with each other. So, the FIRST step is to develop a full understanding of your stack and mitigate competing campaigns and strategies between departments — this begins by centralizing decisioning and data.

By becoming more strategic, we move into the SECOND step, which is to develop a CX master plan at a high level that outlines the type of personalization needed for your business. You can do this by embracing new skills and tracking performance metrics against the plan. This long-term approach will link the entire business together.

The THIRD step involves taking a top-down approach to data and discovering what data has the most impact on your CX strategy. You’ll need to think creatively about the data and remove unbiased, old expectations and start with a clean slate.

The FOURTH step involves blending data, analytics, and rules and mastering decision-making all in one centralized place, which is crucial in steering the business towards its objectives. Don’t fall for vendors that promise an all-inclusive artificial intelligence “black box” that will magically bring transformation.

The right blend of skills, imagery, prices, and inventory are all elements of business data that are needed to blend decisioning in real-time. To achieve more revenue, better service and create a brand that is more powerful than ever, it is critical to get a CDP platform that works for you.

If you want to know more about firing up customer personalization, click the link below for more information.