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4 Keys to Success in Translating Marketing Visions Into More Engaged Customers
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When it comes to marketing success, Patrick Adams, Head of Consumer Marketing for PayPal North America says, “It’s all about surprising and delighting customers and making their lives easier. That mindset coupled with the enormous access we have to data today, can make a meaningful difference for consumers.”

To ensure that your marketing ideas are successfully converted into sales, here are four steps you should follow:

Step 1: Successfully mine all of today’s rich sources of data

Marketers and marketing ideas run on huge chunks of data. Use the application of big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence to obtain highly accurate results, reports and insights on analysis.

Step 2: Capitalize on the latest technologies for understanding customers and managing marketing programs

Marketing executives understand that the latest digital technologies are powering marketing efforts for organizations of all types and sizes. Therefore, it is important that you keep the technology your marketing team uses up to date.

Step 3: Enhance professional and personal skills

New and ever-changing customer demands means marketing organizations must acquire new skill-sets to be successful. This includes finding people with a broad understanding of various functions that tie the business together, instead of people who just know a lot about marketing.

Step 4: Balance local and global imperatives

Marketing executives must pay attention to regional differences across various international markets. While marketing strategies for local audiences and international audiences differ greatly, there must be some similarities between the two so that you can have a recognizable image for your brand.

For brand professionals and agencies, there is little choice but to push out of the comfort zone if you want to succeed.