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3 Ways the Right Stock Service Can Accelerate Creativity
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Imagine Sarah. She is the creative director of a marketing agency in Boston. She has tons of responsibilities which range from creating engaging content to managing a team of 20 people and keeping customers both online and offline satisfied in generating positive results.

With so much to do and so little time to do it in, Sarah cannot afford to spend several hours a day trying to find the right kind of visuals for all forms of content. She also cannot spend hours approved or disproving images for the video team, the infographics creator, and the numerous articles and blogs from content writers.

What is she to do when she has piles of content but very few good images?

Well, this is where stock image services come in handy. Sarah must guide her team to choose the stock image service that will provide them with all the visuals they need to make their point and meet their goals. Deciding on the right stock service will allow Sarah to focus on what she does best — creating and directing engaging content.

A stock image service that offers in-application integration with design and photo editing functions and allows Sarah and her team to stay immersed in their design environment will help her company in the following ways:

1. It keeps the focus on great creativity

Finding the Perfect ImageFrom sifting through low-resolution, low-quality watermarked images to finding stock photos with the right composition, color, or layout, it is easy for Sarah and her design team to get bogged down in manual processes. It could take hours just to find the right images. Therefore, having a stock image service will eliminate time-wasting and enhance efficiency and productivity.

2. It produces timely content while staying true to the brand

A brand is not just a design, name, or logo. A brand is an identity. Hence, all the creative efforts of Sarah’s team should have one key common objective – to stay true to and represent the company well. A good stock image service will save the creative team hours and hours of work, thus giving employees more time to put their minds to good use.

3. It will work better with the systems you have

Finding the right image is just the first step. For designers, marketers, and production staff on Sarah’s team, the images used must also be integrated with existing creative applications. A stock service will provide a platform that can integrate all of Sarah’s tools and applications into one dashboard, both minimizing and simplifying work.

Every stock service offers great images. The right one, however, will help creative teams like Sarah’s spend more time “creating” and less time aligning images with content.

If you want to be further ahead on the journey of finding the perfect image for your content or brand, click the link below for more information.