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B2B marketing has evolved from simply producing good content to creating great content experiences.

It is now the job of every B2B marketer, well, every marketer for that matter, to create engaging and exciting experiences for their audiences and customers.

One cannot do that alone. So, we implement tools and software that help us to get the job done at scale.

Content marketing platforms should support editorial endeavors across the enterprise from planning and managing customer-facing content to delivering value to digital and social channels.

Below are three traits that every content marketing platform should provide.

1) It should help sellers create engaging and relevant experiences at scale.

2) It should analyze the impact content asses have on-demand and conversion.

3) It should orchestrate content delivery to create differentiated customer experiences.

If these traits are there, the expectation for real results preceded by shorter sales cycles, healthier pipelines, and greater value can be realized.

If you want to learn more about content experiences and how to evaluate software, tools, and vendors, click the link below for more information.