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3 Key Problems Marketers Face When Utilizing Mobile App Messaging 4 Solutions
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Did you know that “90% of a consumer’s time while on a mobile device is done so via an app?”
Did you know that according to Gartner, “Consumers see mobile apps as their main digital interaction with their favorite brands?”

Every problem has a solution, but sometimes, even the best solutions can have problems.

Mobile app messaging has transformed the way marketers communicate with customers. Before such technology came along, companies typically had control of the information. When customers were given online access to everything, they began to take control. Now because of mobile apps, such control has been pushed back to marketers.

Marketers are now forced to consistently find and implement ways they can engage with customers via mobile devices. While it sounds simple, there are many moving parts that make it a bit more complicated.

Here are three key problems marketers face (and the solutions).

Problem #1: Marketers Lack Control to Drive Ongoing Engagement

Marketers lack the control needed to create complete customer experiences within mobile apps.

The SOLUTION is A platform that puts the marketer in control.

Marketers should be able to push in-app messages that drive app engagement and personalize the experience.

Problem #2: Marketers Have Difficulty Building Highly Curated Experiences

Consumers typically want to get in and get out of the app, and they expect a smooth content flow to make that happen.

The SOLUTION is A platform that can deliver a richer experience.

Marketers should be able to develop a mobile platform that continuously optimizes based on customer actions.

Problem #3: Marketers Lack The Insight to Analyze Results and Optimize Outcomes

Marketers have difficulty building highly personalized experiences when they don’t have the cross-channel data to make their decisions.

The SOLUTION is: App testing and optimization shouldn’t be difficult.

Marketers must always be testing to ensure the platform is helping to guide the next customer move automatically.

With mobile app engagement, marketers possess one of the best opportunities to deliver their brand in real time in a space where millions of people are every single day.

If you want to know the final problem and solution for mobile app messaging, click the link below for more information.