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10 Common Webinar Mistakes And How to Avoid Them
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Hi! My name is Brian.

Did you know that webinars have become one of the most effective ways to generate leads and educate prospects and customers? The popularity of webinars means that getting the attention of an audience increases competition. This means that simply creating a webinar is not enough — it must be unique and stand out.

Let’s look at the 10 most common webinar mistakes and the best ways to deliver a high-quality webinar.

1) The 1-Week Email Promotion

Many companies limit their webinar promotions to one week which can lead to a reduction in overall attendance. To fix this issue, create a longer promotional cycle and create the opportunity to attract more attendees.

2) Failure to Optimize Registration and Confirmation Pages

Long registration forms that request too much information can result in a loss of almost half of a prospective audience. By designing a form that only captures basic information, registration rates will increase.

3) The Vanilla Webinar Console

Failing to provide webinar attendees a visually attractive and compelling presentation, attendees may not remain on a webinar for its entire duration. One of the best ways to retain audience attention is to provide top-line messaging and reinforce branding by using bold colors, graphics, and images.

4) Leaving Your Audience Out of Conversation

The days of the static webinar are over. Today, it is imperative that audiences interact with a webinar to retain a captive audience. By creating a Q & A, chat or webinar polling, content is better supported, and audience engagement is boosted.

5) Death by 1,000 Bullets

One of the best ways to lose audience attention is by creating a webinar crammed with a large slide deck. Instead, make less, more visually appealing slides with fewer bullets.

6) Selling, Not Helping

As audiences become savvy about webinars, one of the biggest mistakes made is the inevitable sales pitch at the webinar’s end. Avoid ‘bait and switch’ tactics and focus on helping your audience to solve their problems.

7) The Cell Phone Presenter

Poor audio quality can ruin a webinar and can frustrate an audience, causing them to leave. Avoid using a speaker or cell phone, remove background noises and use a quality headset.

8) Not Respecting Your Audience’s Time

Webinars that extend past one hour can not only infringe upon your audiences’ time but can cause distrust. Be sure to schedule your webinar to align with the content and finish early if needed.

9) Not Having an On-Demand Strategy

Webinars that can only be viewed via a desktop with no option for mobile viewing can make it hard for everyone to attend. Create opportunities for audiences in every time zone to attend on-demand events to view webinar content.

10) Treating All Leads Equally

Many companies take leads collected from webinars and place them within a CRM system without any pre-qualifications. Request basic registration information, create an interactive webinar and collect behavior data and follow-up on leads.

By simply avoiding these mistakes and making the appropriate adjustments, your audience will have greater experience and yield greater leads and opportunities.

If you would like more information about creating amazing webinars, click the link below for more information.