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Why You Need a Hybrid Cloud Strategy
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Hi! My name is Jim.

As an IT professional for a large corporation, I understand that to have a seamless transition to the cloud, it’s essential to create a comprehensive hybrid cloud strategy.

Creating a hybrid cloud strategy is important to the success of your migration efforts because a hybrid cloud enables interoperability between private and public cloud environments. It also provides some level of orchestration across these clouds, which allows workloads to move easily between the two. Here is how you can ensure that your hybrid cloud strategy is effective.

Modern Data Center

A modern data center gives you the ability to extend on-premises infrastructure to the public cloud and even allows you to create hybrid cloud capabilities for accelerating the delivery of IT services through a unified management framework that spans your on-premises and cloud environments.

Cloud-Ready Modern Data Center

A modern data center is designed to enable the agile, service-oriented IT models that are essential for success in the digital economy. Without ensuring that the data center you’re using is hybrid cloud-ready though, your hybrid cloud strategy will not be successful. To ensure that the data center you’re using is hybrid cloud-ready, it must:

Be Flexible and Scalable – This will ensure that the data center you’re using is software-defined, highly virtualized, highly automated, and ready to scale up or down with your business.

Have Consistent Operations – This will provide your business will a consistent operational model for faster, more efficient infrastructure and application delivery and management.

Have Extensive Reach – This will give your company the ability to seamlessly extend its reach across private and public clouds allowing you to manage those resources and costs as a one.

Be Highly Agile – A truly hybrid-cloud ready data center will be able to support cloud-native apps, drive faster innovation, and enable rapidly changing systems at scale.

Have Robust Security – This will help you protect data, applications, and infrastructure, and even help you meet your compliance requirements.

From consistency and visibility to automation and standardization, a hybrid cloud solution can offer your company many benefits but only if you have a comprehensive hybrid cloud strategy in place before you begin your move to the cloud.

If you want to learn more about why you need a hybrid cloud strategy, click the link below for more information.