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Why the Digital Economy Requires a Modern Data Center

Is your company ready for digital business? A Gartner, Inc. survey found that 59% of IT professionals believe that their IT organization is unprepared for digital business. The digital economy is transforming every industry, driving rapid fundamental changes in businesses and their operating models. These changes aren’t just a passing trend, though. This new reality is requiring companies of today to deliver on the service expectations for their digitally empowered customers.

Customers today have expectations that go beyond the ease of use. Customers today put major emphasis on experience and they demand proactive, personalized experiences from every company they do business with. As organizations look to new business and operating models to meet these changing expectations, digital disruptors are shaking up the rules.

There are many factors driving IT transformation including reduced infrastructure costs, improved security, improved service levels, and the need to respond quickly to new business requirements. As the digital economy continues to expand, is your business well-equipped with a modern data center to handle the changes coming your way? Learn more about why the digital economy requires a modern data center in this comprehensive whitepaper.