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Why Shifting to SaaS is a High-Value Opportunity for ISVs

ISVs have a great opportunity to fundamentally transform their business to deliver greater value to customers with SaaS, Software as a Service. Not only does SaaS represent an opportunity for ISVs to offer greater value to customers, it offers them the ability to sell software to a broader range of customers and to streamline their internal operations.

SaaS offers many benefits to ISVs like opening new customer segments thanks to lower adoption and operating costs, dropping customer TCO as infrastructure complexity falls under SaaS, integrated value-added cloud services that improve ISV product offerings, aggregation of usage data through the SaaS model, and data scale efforts that drive product improvements.

There are many benefits for your ISV to switch to the SaaS model and Keystone has explained each benefit in depth in this whitepaper. If you want to learn why shifting to SaaS is a high-value opportunity for your ISV, download this comprehensive whitepaper to learn more.