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Why Moats and Castles Are Losing Effectiveness in a Mobile and Cloud First World
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Hi! My name is Greg.

As an IT professional, I understand that many companies still use a moat-and-castle approach when it comes to their enterprise security. While this method might have worked well in the past, it has since lost its effectiveness in our mobile and cloud-first world.

As enterprises evolve and allow employees to access applications from anywhere on any device, secure access to these applications is becoming more and more critical as the threat landscape continues to evolve. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why a moat-and-castle approach is no longer effective in our mobile and cloud-first world.


As your enterprise continues to evolve, it’s essential to treat end users the same, whether they are outside or inside the enterprise. Try using a new approach known as the cloud perimeter. This approach handles authentication, authorization, and application delivery across devices and locations. The cloud perimeter approach even deciphers where the application is hosted and automatically sends the user to the right location, as long as their credentials check out. With the cloud perimeter approach, everyone is untrusted, inside and outside of the organization, ensuring that no malicious activity can occur from any user.


While enterprise data, apps, and employees have moved outside the enterprise’s traditional zone of control, enterprise IT and security teams still remain responsible for visibility, security, and performance. New processes though, like a cloud perimeter approach, allow teams to continue to drive towards greater IT agility and simpler infrastructure since only inbound and outbound non-malicious enterprise traffic passes through the cloud perimeter.


Technology has become so instrumental to enterprise security today that not moving to a cloud perimeter nearly eliminates your ability to embrace and benefit from enterprise application evolution. Not embracing new technology also increases your risk associated with proving full network access and even eliminates your ability to perform multi-factor authentication to ensure enterprise security.

Instead of building out your own infrastructure and creating various access and optimization solutions, try implementing cloud perimeter as a service to help you ensure better enterprise security across your organization.

If you want to learn more about  why moats and castles are losing effectiveness in a mobile and cloud-first world, click the link below for more information.