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Why Mainframe Data Centers Need Modern Mobile Solutions

Disruptive technologies such as big data, business analytics, cloud computing and storage, digital payment processors, the internet of things (IoT), and the algorithmic economy are having a major impact on digital transformation (DX).

Do you know that mobile is also having a huge impact on digital transformation as well? As mobile is forcing its way to the top of the marketplace by a demanding and changing customer dynamic, it is perhaps the most impactful to businesses wanting to take advantage of digital transformation.

If you have yet to provide your customers with good mobile access, you are not only leaving money on the table and losing customers, but you are also risking the future of your business. Your company’s mobile presence should be a critically important business objective, yet most businesses do not have the proper processes in place to execute adequate digital strategies for mobile audiences.

Customers who have a bad mobile experience with a company are more likely to never engage with that company again, and their opinion of that company is likely negative, even if they once liked the brand. Don’t let your lack of proper mobile experiences hurt your company or turn away potential customers. A good mobile strategy is easy to acquire, especially if you enlist the help of DataKinetics.

For over 40 years, DataKinetics has mastered data performance and optimization. Its team of people can help you create a digital strategy that not only includes modern mobile solutions, but is also thorough enough to attract, gain, and retain customers. This comprehensive whitepaper download can help you learn more about what a solid mobile strategy looks like and how DataKinetics can help you achieve your goal.