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Why Hyper-Accurate Location Data Can’t Be Overlooked in Insurance

Insurance is a necessity for all of us. Whether its car insurance, health insurance or life insurance, we all need insurance to help make unexpected costs in life easier to manage. It can be difficult, though, as an insurance provider to increase your bottom line.

Forbes Insights, along with Pitney Bowes, has compiled a whitepaper that thoroughly explains why it is very important that hyper-accurate location data is not overlooked when it comes to the insurance industry. Along with this industry already running at an incredibly low-profit margin, another reason it is essential to not overlook this data is because using data that is ‘close enough’ is not accurate enough to properly price for property or casualty injuries.

As an insurance agent, when it comes to measuring proximity to fire, flood or other risks, small improvements in your data can have huge impacts on your bottom line. Learn why hyper-accurate location data can’t be overlooked in insurance and how Pitney Bowes can help you achieve this by downloading this informative whitepaper.