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Why Defenders Should Prepare for New Network-based Threats

Hackers today have all the necessary tools and expertise to take down critical infrastructure and systems and cripple entire network systems.

Cisco presented a cybersecurity report, wherein they summarised that attacker behaviour is evolving in the following ways:

  1. Modern hackers are taking malware to whole new levels of sophistication and impact.
  2. They are becoming more adept at evasion and getting around cloud services and other technology used for legitimate purposes, and encryption isn’t enough to protect your data networks.
  3. They are exploiting undefended gaps in security, many of which stem from the IoT and cloud services.

It is thus clear, that existing network and data security measures are slowly being rendered obsolete. Defenders should consider adopting advanced security technologies that include machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities. Here is a whitepaper that talks about why defenders should prepare for new network-based threats.