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Why Cloud Content Management Will Change the Game
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Ron is an enterprise content manager and is debating whether he should switch to the cloud for his content management processes.

Ron doesn’t know much about cloud content management, other than the fact that it is a more efficient and better way to keep track of content projects. He decides to talk to his friend, Eric, who has been using the cloud for his content management efforts for a few years now and likes its capabilities.

Ron asks Eric if a switch to the cloud is a good move on his part. Eric thinks its an excellent decision and shares with Ron the new opportunities the cloud can offer him.

Eric is a forward-thinking CIO who understands that content management is a moving target and organizations must manage an increasing amount of data, in more formats and from more sources, than ever before. Eric tells Ron that he needs a new content strategy to properly manage files, different versions, and basic collaboration which is why the cloud can be an essential asset to him.

With a cloud content management solution, Ron’s content management efforts don’t have to be difficult, especially if he builds his content management strategy from the bottom up.

To achieve this, Ron must start with a solid platform that provides fundamental content services, including document management, version control, records management, search, and workflow functionality. Ron then needs to build on top of those services through a flexible set of APIs that support add-on modules that fit his specific use cases.

When looking for a solid platform for his cloud content management transformation, Eric informs Ron that he must implement a platform that offers great user experience, content ecosystems, platforms in the cloud, and content security.

Many new companies just like Ron’s have already embraced the bottom-up cloud-based approach and have seen advantages that Ron can also achieve.

Ron is now convinced that he needs to switch to a cloud content management approach and begins his search for the best platform. A comprehensive whitepaper produced by BOX catches his attention and he finds that they are an excellent solution to his cloud content management needs.

If you want to learn more about how cloud content management can expand your business capacity, click the link below for more information.