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Hello. My name is Jessie.

Is your organization well-defended from potential cyber-attacks?

If you are not sure, this video will guide you through ten signs that will help you to determine if your endpoint protection is ready to be decommissioned or is set for action against these threats.

Is your organization still using security products that are signature-based?

New malware could be detected, blocked and cataloged by a unique file hash or signature that would restrict it from execution via a signature-based solution. If your organization accepts ransomware using a hardy backup policy, instead select a security solution that will prevent the threat of ransomware and its success.

Older legacy AV solutions heavily use systems that are resource intensive to perform scans in order to detect malware. To further mitigate risks, consider an upgrade. If your PC is running slow, this may be a sign that your endpoint solution needs reevaluation. Handling AV management with the use of an on-premise server with using the cloud is no longer a viable practice as perpetual internet connectivity is needed to be effective.

Do you spend an extensive amount of time managing your AV?

Valuable time can be needed by your IT team can be robbed to deal with managing an AV solution. If this is the case, it may be time to consider new options. The number of false positives being reported by newer detection methods has evolved thanks to new techniques used to identify malware.

Are you considering the replacement of your EDR solution and EPP?

If so, this may be the right to do so if your endpoint protection platform (EPP) consumes too many resources and delivers inconsistent results. If your endpoint strategy relies heavily upon responsive actions after a successful breach occurs, it may be time to consider other solutions if your endpoint solution fails to detect proactive tactics or zero-day malware.

Is your OS in need of an upgrade in order to better accommodate your AV?

If your business-critical systems are not locked into a specific OS and can be upgraded, considering an upgrade could potentially save your organization money and add more simplicity to your security stack.

If any of the above-mentioned points describes the current state of your endpoint security strategy, it may be time to consider a new approach. Click the link below for more information.