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When Regulatory Requirements Change - How Will You Keep Up
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Hey, my name is Brett. I’ve been an IT professional for a few years now and in that time, I’ve seen regulatory requirements change frequently. With new regulations like the GDPR, many companies struggle to keep up and stay compliant.

In order for your organization to stay up-to-date with changing regulatory requirements, it’s essential to ask yourself a few questions to know when and how you need to change to stay compliant.

Question 1. What regulations apply to my business?

It’s important to understand new requirements and stay up-to-date with new developments to stay within the law. With thousands of compliance laws and individual compliance mandates worldwide, the first step to understanding which regulations apply to your business is getting the right facts. Find a company or tool that will provide a comprehensive landscape of information designed to help you understand and verify the compliance requirements of your organization’s cloud deployments, as well as information about when a particular regulation will be enforced.

Question 2. How do I keep the right data available for compliance requests?

When it comes to compliance mandates and laws, it’s essential to know which data to save and have a way to maintain data automatically. Find a solution that relies on machine learning to manage the data that is most valuable to your organization by detecting and auto-classifying sensitive data over many different data types. Your solution should cover not just email but any third-party communication streams as well.

Question 3. How can I ensure my compliance strategy goes beyond IT?

Enhancing your processes to be more efficient is essential to be able to successfully stay up-to-date with changing regulatory requirements. Find a solution that can help you automate your data governance processes, refine your internal privacy standards, and improve your privacy processes. Built-in control management and audit-ready reporting tools will enable you to assign, track, and record your compliance activities.

Now that you know how to keep up with changing regulatory requirements, you’re ready to stay compliant with all changing laws.

If you want to learn more about how to keep up with changing regulatory requirements, click the link below for more information.