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What You Should Know Before Using the Public Cloud for Disaster Recovery
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Meet Brenda.

Brenda has been using the cloud for her business needs for many years but has recently heard that using the public cloud for disaster recovery can be dangerous.

Brenda is not sure why this could cause a major threat to her company so she decides to find out what she needs to know before using the public cloud for disaster recovery.

Brenda first learns that native cloud disaster recovery tools can only get her so far. While native clustering tools within operating system environments are considered good enough, they offer limited capabilities and are not comprehensive enough for enterprise disaster recovery needs.

Brenda needs a way to recover not just simple virtual machine and application configurations but also tiered applications with complex start and stop dependencies.

She also needs a disaster recovery solution with full automation so her recovery objectives are not susceptible to human error.

It is important for Brenda understand that using different native cloud tools in a hybrid or multi-cloud architecture can create environment fragmentation which reduces visibility and increases operational expenditure costs.

Second, Brenda learns that cloud providers aren’t responsible for any losses in revenue, business, or profits.

While Brenda’s cloud provider may offer great service level objectives, these objectives only refer to the storage infrastructure her applications will run on and not the actual uptime of her applications.

It is most likely that Brenda’s cloud provider contract states that they don’t guarantee service will be uninterrupted or error-free and that they are not responsible for lost revenue, business or profits.

Before Brenda uses her cloud provider for disaster recovery, she should contact them and implement a proactive in-cloud disaster recovery plan, either on-premises or to another cloud.

Now that Brenda better understands what she needs to know about using her cloud provider for disaster recovery efforts, she is ready to implement a proactive in-cloud recovery plan to ensure that her company doesn’t lose revenue, business, or profits.

If you want to learn more about what you need to know before using the public cloud for disaster recovery, click the link below for more information.