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What You Need to Know Before Replacing Your Antivirus Solution

An IT network’s bread-and-butter is their antivirus protection, it’s the first line of defense in the network. Antivirus is ubiquitous to almost every single business out there who has an internet connection and deals with emails. It’s a good idea to consider replacing the AV every so often and updating the parameters of your network defense.

Implementing this change shouldn’t be something that takes place in a day and that’s it. Changing the AV takes time, it should be planned and thought-out with an eye towards reviewing what you have now versus what you stand to gain with the new antivirus system. Review the efficiency of your current system, see where it shines and sees where it falls short. After review, look for an AV vendor that can fill in the gaps of your current shortfalls.

Changing the antivirus should not be taken lightly and it should be a change that can be backed up with research and statistics to back up your decision to change. In the constant battle against cyber attack, the best defense is always evolving and business needs to evolve to stay ahead of the curve and the hackers.