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What You Need to Know Before Installing an Electric Vehicle Charge Point

The call for EV Charging Points is here for businesses who run a Fleet. It is similar to having your own gas pump for regular gasoline fleets outside your home or business. Having a bank of Charging Points to keep your electric Fleet ready to go at a moment’s notice is beneficial for your Fleet.

It is cheaper in the long run as well as you are only using electric power to power up your vehicles. The other alternative would be digging up a huge hole on your business property and installing a subterranean gas tank to house your gasoline above your gas pump. You would also need to have gasoline delivered every so often to replenish your tank.

EV Charging Points are the future of Fleet Management and the benefits are immense for any size Fleet. Instead of having to run long cords into the building from outside to charge your fleets, you can just plug them in outside using the Charging Points. Charging Points are getting more powerful as well with each passing year. Tesla’s Supercharger technology can power up a Tesla from a dead battery all the way up to 80% charge in only 30 minutes.