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What You Need to Know about Secure SD WAN
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Hi! My name is Adam.

As an IT professional, I understand how important a secure software-defined wide area network is to organizations looking to deliver reliable wide area connectivity without having to use a traditional carrier-based network. While selecting the right SD-WAN solution for your enterprise may require a few compromises, security should not be one of them.

There are various models for combining SD-WAN and network security but to ensure that you choose a truly secure SD-WAN solution, it’s essential to look for a solution that offers these features.

Automated Multi-Path Intelligence

To ensure that any solution you implement is truly a secure SD-WAN solution, it’s essential to find a solution that offers automated multi-path intelligence. An integrated WAN Path Controller not only elects the most efficient route for SaaS and voice over IP but other business-critical traffic as well.

Multi-Broadband Support

Another major aspect, your secure SD-WAN solution should include is multi-broadband support. A solution that supports Ethernet, broadband, 3G, 4G, and VPNs will be able to utilize all available bandwidth and load balancing traffic across multiple circuits at the same time.

Zero-Touch Deployment

With a truly secure SD-WAN solution, your organization can ship un-configured appliances, automatically connect to the cloud, and connect remote devices to your central system. A truly secure SD-WAN solution also makes it easy for you to secure SD-WAN to small distributed network components such as retail points of sale or remote kiosks.

As you work to improve user experiences on your distributed network while keeping costs low, consider that an investment in a truly secure SD-WAN solution delivers much more than a short-term fix.

If you want to learn more about secure SD-WAN solutions, click the link below for more information.