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What You Need to Know About Hybrid IT
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Did you know that in 2016, IDC Research reported that “within 3 years, organizations will access 78% of IT resources through some form of cloud — public, private, or hybrid?”

Nearly every IT department will focus on efficient service delivery and need to integrate traditional systems with cloud infrastructures and application.

Richard Villars, VP of IDC’s Datacenter & Cloud Research answered some questions posed by CenturyLink, among them are 4 big changes in digitally transforming a company.

  1.  The Omni-experience, giving customers the best experience possible across all platforms of communication.
  2.  Understanding that transformation must happen at the business level, which may entail repackaging to fit the digital world.
  3.  Recognizing that the way we receive information and handle data impacts company effectiveness.
  4.  Ensuring these three points flow through the workforce to the right people and for the right projects.