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The need for ironclad IT security and response systems is at an all-time high. With hackers devising trojans and malware worms every day to thwart security systems worldwide, network security is an ever-changing landscape. What can a company do to keep the gate closed on unwanted intrusions? When an intrusion is detected, what can a company do to quarantine the intrusion?

A good security platform will devise a number of ways to both protect and to disable intrusions into the internal network. The platform will constantly monitor the network and the environment to locate and shore up any vulnerabilities in the system. The platform should be proactive in determining threats and shutting them down at once. Also, the platform should run constant checks and tests against the system to keep the security honest and if there are any failures during these tests, to gather information to make sure that the failure doesn’t happen again.

Infocyte is an expert in IT cybersecurity and was developed by former US Air Force cybersecurity officers. Their platform can help your company with security and threat response.