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Magneto 1 (M1) will be blacklisted in June 2020, what this means is that Magneto and Adobe will cease support and security updates for the eCommerce platform. With nearly 200,000 M1 sites still in use, this change will affect many users.

There are options for users once this date comes on your calendar. These options are primarily centered around your operation and what appeals to you, everyone’s situation is unique. You can stay on M1 and continue as normal with the realization that the platform is essentially dead with no updates or official support. You can also migrate to other platforms such as WooCommerce, BigCommerce for WP, or Sylius. If you want to stay on the Magneto platform, you can make the jump to the new Magneto 2 (M2) platform. Nexcess can help you with this decision and weigh all of your options for you to make an informed decision.