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What to Consider When Purchasing an Analytics-Driven Security Solution

In the everchanging digital business landscape, forming an integrated, comprehensive and easy-to-use security solution is as vital as it is hard to choose. The evolution of security event management (SIEM) goes hand-in-hand with growth opportunities you want for your company.

With this whitepaper, you will learn the limitations of current technology for data storage and protection, as well as new solutions that technology can offer to your company.

Updating your SIEM to a more analytics-driven security solution is no longer just an IT move, it is a business move as well. This paper will lay out for you the importance of leaving a legacy SIEM behind to embrace new opportunities like taking your SIEM to the cloud.

This whitepaper goes into detail about how an analytics-driven solution functions in action. It covers aspects like real-time monitoring, the incident response, user monitoring, threat intelligence, advanced analytics and threat detection in a cutting-edge SIEM system.