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What the Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms Looks Like

Network defense is one of the biggest headaches and expenditures that an IT department has. It’s a seemingly never-ending battle against the threat of cyber-attack. There are so many tools out there in the defense field. Most IT departments will settle in with one or two tools to defend with. And then the inevitable happens and there’s a data breach and they’re surprised by this.

They shouldn’t be and neither should you, not using all of the tools available is just foolish. The modern hacker has so many ways to attack, not to mention that new trojans and viruses are created every single day. A proper endpoint protection program should be ever-changing and updating to combat against these threats.

You should select a vendor who can provide endpoint protection across all levels and with all tools available. Vendors who are quick with updates and changes to the programs on a daily basis and can roll out those updates in a timely fashion. Using a vendor who can implement and adapt so quickly is beneficial not only for your network but for your business and bottom line as well.