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What the AFV Market Looks Like

The basics of Fleet Management are changing in the last few years. With the advent of Electric vehicles and Hybrid vehicles, the Fleet landscape has shifted along with it. More and more fleets of today are going green with the benefits slowly creeping past the downsides with each passing year.

The benefits of Fleet Management with Electrics and Hybrids are many. The gas mileage is severely reduced or in the case of Full Electrics, eliminated entirely. The initial drawbacks to Plug-In Electric vehicles was the range on a full charge. The ranges have steadily grown with each new model of plug-in that’s been released. With the Nissan Leaf having a quoted range of 168 miles on a fully charged battery.

The average distanced traveled per Fleet is 106 miles, which falls well under the ranges of the newer models of Plug-In Electric vehicles. There are also more and more public charging points being made available as well with shorter and shorter charging times. The Electric vehicle revolution is here and it’s not just a passing fad as time has borne that out. The Fleets of today are changing with the times and the change has benefited greatly for both Fleets and Planet Earth.