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What Is the Shared Responsibility Model

The speed and wide spread of cloud services adoption by companies worldwide have often a forgot or overlooked side, crucial to operation security of their workload on line: the shared responsibility model.

A recent survey among 2,500 companies around the world found that 77% of them are moving to cloud services key functions, with 10% of them describing themselves as heavy users. With this pace of adoption many companies are facing threats from their misconceptions or erroneous use of security of Cloud Services Providers (CPS).

With this whitepaper you will learn the origins of this misconceptions as well as examples of what happens to companies when they or its Cloud Services fail to fulfill their obligations in the shared responsibility model. But you will also learn about how CPS and companies come together to tackle the challenges of this new paradigm.

This whitepaper can give you a better understanding of the shared responsibility model and assist you in better handling your company’s IT budget.