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What Is the Secure Internet Gateway

The internet has brought many great things to life and has also brought innovation and a changing world. The internet has also unfortunately brought new ways for bad actors to infiltrate unsuspecting users with viruses, trojans, and ways to steal identities and precious personal data. What if there was a way to access the internet without those inherent risks? There is and it’s called a Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) and it gives you a secure way into cyberspace.

Picture yourself in a cave on a small island and you have to make it to the other side where you see a small island with a door that leads out. In the middle between the two islands, there’s a lake of fire standing in your way. What if you had a cylindrical fireproof land-bridge leading you over the fire and directly to the other island? This, in essence, is what a SIG is when talking about internet access. Security and safety are both assured in a SIG against that lake of fire inhabited by malicious data.