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What Is the Engagement Database
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Thanks to digital innovation, a complete transformation has emerged in the way we communicate, collaborate, and even shop. Users have smarter devices and more powerful solutions in the numerous apps available that can deliver consistent experiences and help brands get promoted.

Today, enterprises are more focused on making experiences more engaging and attractive. Engagement and experience are becoming the single most differentiating factors for organizations to stay ahead of competition.

However, with all the talk about customer experience, one looming question remains:

Does conventional analytical databases or transactional databases have the capacity to deliver a rich and engaging experience at scale?

The entire process of making a purchase is a complex sequence of actions that is performed at the database level. Additionally, creating and delivering exceptional customer engagement must encompass three important elements:

#1 Respond to fast changing data

#2 Ability to scale without performance loss

#3 Good amount of resources available to manage it

An engagement database offers a complete solution that takes care of these three elements. It propels multiple interactions by using the full potential of data at scale.

To accomplish this goal, there are six important traits within an engagement database:

#1 It is developed to adapt to any sort of changes, at any scale

#2 The database ensures that you are always on and moving fast

#3 It is extremely secure

#4 Since it is on the cloud, enterprises can harness the potential and deploy their applications easily

#5 It can easily be embedded in mobile platforms and sync with the cloud database

#6 There are in-built smart applications which help in deploying applications across the enterprise

A dedicated engagement database offers significant advantages that ensure interaction and engagement trump transactions.

If you want to know more about why an engagement database is a vital part of your digital transformation, click the link below for more information.