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What is the Dell EMC VxRail P470F Hyperconverged System

Databases are now the driving force behind nearly every company. It powers online stores, retains confidential records, and boosts customer management systems. Companies with any amount of data should require a database management solution that sustains high levels of information, and makes a big impact as your company grows.

Hands down, the best system in this space is the Dell EMC VxRail P470F Hyperconverged system with VMware® vSANTM. This allows users to do more database work than the HPE Hyper-Converged 380 (HC 380) with StoreVirtual VSA.

The Dell EMC VxRail P470F sustains strong and solid performance even after the number of virtual machines are doubled. It can keep meeting needs as your business grows and services expand. The Dell EMC VxRail solution makes it much easier to scale up and optimize performance for your workload.

This whitepaper further details the features of the Dell EMC VxRail P470F Hyperconverged system.