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What Is the Currency of Field Service

Did you know that less than 25 percent of companies have recently reviewed their field operations for opportunities to improve? With most companies not reviewing their operations in the past three years, it is likely that they are either wasting valuable resources, company funds, or even both. Has your company reviewed your field service operations recently? If your answer is no, you are most likely wasting time, money, and resources that could be spent on more lucrative business measures.

Luckily, though, Servicemax has a solution to help you transform your field service operations. With Servicemax’s five-step business value realization tool, you will be able to transform your field service operations to not only benefit your company and employees but your customers as well. Servicemax even ensures transformational success through strong adoption practices, so that everyone in your company is on-board with new field service operations. Not only this but Servicemax will work with your vendors to ensure that they too are on-board with the transformation.

Want to learn more about Servicemax and how they can help you review and transform your field service operations? Download this informative whitepaper and see why, in our digital and innovative world, transforming your field service operations is essential.