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What Is IaaS
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Infrastructure as a Service, also called IaaS, is a method of cloud computing that offers and manages instant computing infrastructure over the internet. It sits alongside SaaS and PaaS.

In the IaaS model, third-party hosts servers, software, hardware, and other infrastructure components for users. It also handles system maintenance and system backups to decrease downtime and to quickly restore in case of an outage.

Additionally, IaaS models are scalable and can be adjusted to meet demand as it arises. Workloads that change frequently and unexpectedly as well as those that are temporary are perfect for IaaS models.

If you are wondering what your business could do with IaaS, here are some common situations:

#1 Web applications: IaaS offers the system to support web applications including servers and storage. Web applications can be deployed quickly and are easy to scale up or down based on demand.

#2 Hosting websites: Traditional web hosting can be expensive. With IaaS running your website, the costs are decreased dramatically.

#3 Testing: New applications requiring testing, development, and tweaking before it is fully brought to market. IaaS makes it economical to test and retest as often as needed to produce the right product or service.

#4 Big Data: Mining large amounts of data requires huge amounts of processing power. IaaS efficiently and economically provides this for big data analysis.

There are a number of other situations in which IaaS can work perfectly, but here are some of the advantages:

#1 Faster innovation: When you’re ready to launch a perfectly laid product, IaaS can have you up running within a short space of time.

#2 Security: The right cloud service provider can offer the right level of security for your applications.

#3 Reduced cost: IaaS allows business owners to move past the expense and time of setting up and managing a data center on-site. This makes for an economical way to test and develop new ideas.

#4 Disaster recovery: Outages can be devastating for business reliability and continuity. With IaaS in place, high availability and fast disaster recovery can be maintained.